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The Universal Motor Pod is an important part of the Foil Drive setup and it must be used with Foil Drive Mast Adaptors.

These outer sleeves are universal and can easily adapt from mast to mast by simply interchanging the internal Mast Adaptor Keys.

The combination of the Universal Motor Pod and the Mast Adaptor is a v2 refinement of the original one piece motor pods that we started with.

These outer sections are super strong injection moulded poly-carbonate fiberglass reinforced.

Learn more about the v2 Universal Motor Pods here!

Every Universal Motor Pod comes with a common rear section that your motor mounts to via the Motor Puck and 2x Nose cones. There is one short nose and one long nose cone to accommodate all Mast Adaptors that are of varying lengths. You simply need to use the correct length nose cone for the Mast Adaptor Keys you use. These are very obviously different lengths, so its not too hard to get wrong!

While every kit comes with a set of Universal Motor Pod parts, you may be after a second set up, or replacements. Just don't forget to add another Internal Adaptor to your cart if you need:

Shop Universal Mast Adaptor

Shop Custom Mast Adaptor

This set does not come with a Mast Adaptor!



1x Large Pod
1x Small Pod Nose
1x Rear Section
4x M3x12mm SS Bolts


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