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Thanks to popular demand, the Battery Checker is a simple, compact device to check your battery percentages.

Take it to the water with you to check which over your batteries has the most charge, or use it at home to see if you've reached storage level without having to run down to your shed to plug it into your kit.

These are available for both the Assist and Assist PLUS and are not cross compatible. Whilst it wont hurt your battery or checker, the Assist PLUS checker wont display the correct information for an Assist battery, and vice versa.

In addition, these have been programmed to display voltages. Simply single press the power button once plugged in and it will toggle the display. This is useful for tech heads, and can be used if we need to troubleshoot with you.



1x Battery Checker



22V - Assist

28V - Assist PLUS Standard and Small, Slim Endurance

40V - MAX Power, MAX Sport, Slim Performance

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